Real Estate Services

In one way or another, real estate is universal in its application to people and businesses alike.  Unlike other types of assets and investments, a parcel of real estate is considered unique.  Buying, selling, or leasing it all have their own procedures and requirements.  Different styles of ownership and financing also can present particular obligations and considerations.  

An interest in real estate generally implies a significant investment enough to warrant careful consideration of any risks or other issues so that the benefits of the property may be enjoyed as an asset.  

We assist buyers and sellers of residential and commercial property in the Chicago area with real estate transactions and condominium issues.  We also have assisted property owners with litigation and building code issues when they arise.  

Whether you are a prospective purchaser or a current owner of real estate, we invite you to contact us with any questions. 
Real Estate


If you are involved in either a transaction or litigation involving real estate, please contact us.