Real Estate Litigation

Real estate litigation broadly covers many facets of having an interest in land. Whether you are a property owner, property manager, real estate developer, investor, creditor, or otherwise have an interest, we may be able to assist you.

Issues can arise regarding breach of lease, other breach of contract, ownership disputes, condominium issues, neighbor disputes, partition, actions to quiet title, commercial landlord/tenant matters, specific performance, adverse possession, easement, boundary disputes, encroachments, usage, covenants, and building code issues, to name a few.  

Before such a situation affects you further, contact us.  We can help you develop a practical strategy.  We understand that some clients prefer to resolve their real estate matter without going to court, and we will do our best to achieve this where applicable.  When litigation is unavoidable, we can guide it to best protect your property rights and your business affairs.