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State and local officials are often empowered to decide certain kinds of legal cases.  Typically, such a decision involves findings made after a hearing.  Administrative review refers to the appeal of such a decision to a court.  

Administrative decisions can happen in a wide range of contexts:  merit and employment; pension and benefits; police and fire; local taxes; state licensing; building code and local ordinance issues; and on and on.  The issues can vary as widely as the subject matter, from notice, to procedure, to evidentiary matters.  Despite being decided by a board or panel, these cases and decisions can have a significant impact on the claimant's life, security, finances, or health.  Therefore, the importance of preparing the best case possible cannot be stated enough.  

Ultimately, administrative review is a statutory process governed by the Administrative Review Law.  Among other requirements, there is a limited time frame to file for review, as well as parties that must be identified, mandatory categories of information that must be stated in the complaint for review, and procedural filings that must be prepared.  

If you are contemplating filing such a claim, you owe it to yourself to obtain representation quickly, before any right to file has passed, and before any procedural hurdle becomes insurmountable.  If you find yourself facing such a proceeding, contact us today.