Breach of Contract

When an agreement is made between two parties to perform certain actions or agree to certain terms, and this agreement is supported by something of value, a contract is created.  It could relate to the purchase or sale of material goods, services, or real estate, or it may be a condition of an action.  

If you do what you are supposed to do under a contract, and the other party fails to hold up their end of the agreement, you may have claims against them.

Disruptions to the performance of a contract can be costly and inconvenient.  If a contractual duty was not met, then you may be entitled to recovery of your damages.  Attempting to address a contract dispute alone may mean spending hours away from your vital business operations.  We can guide you through the nuances of the claims and defenses of contract law.  Our understanding of the law relating to contracts and contractual claims and defenses allows us to protect your interest.

Contracts have a wide array of applications, including contracts for goods or services, business collections, real estate purchases and sales, leases, employment, and other commercial transactions.  If you have had a problem with a contract in any of these areas, call us to discuss your legal options in resolving your dispute.