Struggling with uncollected accounts?

If your business has been unable to collect on a commercial debt, it can be adversely affected in many ways.  It can impede the ability to meet expenses, or even to continue production.  
It can drain time and energy from employees involved in attempting to recover the debt, and distract from other operations.  Also, doubtful accounts can diminish the confidence of investors and other stakeholders in the enterprise, causing further contraction.

The bottom line is that cash flow is the lifeblood for most businesses.  We can help you protect it.  

If you have unsuccessfully attempted to collect commercial debts or accounts receivable, don't give up hope.  We can take steps to pursue a resolution of the matter, whether it involves collecting a monetary debt, recovering collateral, or enforcing a judgment.  As a result, our efforts can be effective, even where previous attempts have been deflected or ignored.  

You deserve to be paid for your sales.  Outstanding accounts and receivables do not get better with time, so call us today to discuss your options.