Partnership Disputes

Any form of dispute among business partners can greatly disrupt both the activity and success of a business as a whole, and can create stress for the individuals involved.  You can be forced to shift your focus from pursuing your goals for growth, productivity, and security to addressing pressing problems of stability and survival.  These issues and the anxieties that come with them can pile up quickly, leading to a rapid deterioration in the dynamics of the business.  When there is an apparently insurmountable disagreement regarding money, rights, control, transactions, plans, or the like, a Chicago business lawyer may be able to help.  

We can consult with you to ensure we understand the history of the business, the facts at the heart of the problem, the agreements that you have in place, and your desired outcome.  We understand that such a dispute can be a very personal and sensitive issue, and can threaten both your livelihood and the business that you have built.  We can advise you of your rights, responsibilities, options, and potential liabilities under any stakeholder agreement.

We will endeavor to achieve an acceptable resolution of the dispute, and are able to represent you in drafting any agreements or understandings that may be necessary.  Whatever is needed to best address the dynamics of your situation, we will work to protect your rights and advance your interests so that you can move forward in a positive way.