Estate Planning

The ultimate questions to be addressed by an estate plan is what are your needs, and what are your family's needs?  The answers involve many choices as to healthcare, property, and legacy.  These categories each have their own components, and there is no one universal plan that works for everyone.   

Some of the questions that a plan can address include the following:
  • In the event of a disability, what healthcare measures should be taken?
  • Who should be authorized to make decisions and have access to records?
  • Who are the family members to be provided for?
  • Are there any special needs that should be taken into account, such as for healthcare or education?
  • How and when should property be transferred, and are any limitations appropriate?
  • What tax consequences can be anticipated?
  • What will happen to any business interests?
  • Are there any other objectives or considerations to be taken into account?
There are, of course, various types of instruments that may be needed, such as a will, trust, or power of attorney, to name a few.  What is appropriate depends on the assets, objectives, and concerns to be addressed.  Then we can work with you to determine the best approach.  

The most important step is yours to take.  Start the process today by contacting us.