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Sometimes litigation is unavoidable when other attempts at dispute resolution prove unsuccessful.  When involvement in litigation is necessary, it is important to have counsel as to the law pertaining to the potential claims and defenses that can be brought, as well as the procedures applicable to that type of case. 

We can assist you with situations relating to a range of issues and situations..  Our focus is on commercial matters such as breach of contract, collections, leases, and other contract disputes; creditor rights; tortious interference with contract; unfair business practices; business torts; fraud; and real estate litigation.

As complexities can and do arise, our ability to see the larger picture and to use the law and procedural rules to your advantage is invaluable.  We will consult with you to ensure we understand your matter and your objectives fully, and will advise you as to your options and the best course of legal action.  Our purpose is to help you achieve your goals and build a strong foundation from which you can pursue expanded business success. 

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Commercial Litigation

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